Making sense of DIY options and relevance to embedded apps


On Demand


Jim Carver and Sam Grove


18:00 GMT


The Do it Yourself (DIY) craze started with techy hobbyists building robotics and sensor equipment with low cost, but high tech, platforms. The availability of these DIY platforms has exploded due to the very low cost of entry and software/operating systems that support these platforms. There are significant parallels between the DIY trends of today and the Linux trends of years gone by. The hobbyists using these DIY platforms are the same engineers developing embedded systems for a wide variety of industries. Can DIY make the jump from hobbyist platform to embedded production equipment? Join us as our DIY experts from the chip, board, and software segments discuss requirements, challenges, and solutions for DIY proliferation into embedded systems.

Sam Grove - Senior Applications Engineer- ARM
Jim Carver – Technical Marketing Manager- ARM
Jason Kridner- Software Architecture Manager- TI

Curt Schwaderer, OpenSystems Media

Archived Webcast from 3/25/14

MP3 version



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