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Looking towards a sustainable and connected future

Our constant goal is to increase the power efficiency of our products. To do this we grow and retain an exceptional team while minimizing our environmental impact. This is good for our customers and the environment.

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Semiconductors can help to reduce our global energy consumption by
over the next 10 years.



From smart meters helping people manage energy in their homes to digital controllers making wind turbines more productive, ARM technology is changing the way we use resources. Our products are connecting everyone together, enabling people and machines to use resources more efficiently.

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Changing how energy efficiency innovation can be done
We started the Smart Electronics Initiative in 2010 to reframe how policy-makers in California and the wider United States see consumer electronics companies - as innovators and partners in reducing energy use and resultant greenhouse gases.

California has a long history in the United States of pushing energy innovation and being the high-tech epicenter. Rarely are consumer electronics companies seen as innovators in this arena.

In reality, it is clear that this is nothing further from the truth and we needed to get directly to the companies leading the charge. This led to reaching out to clear innovators like ARM, Marvell, ON Semiconductor, Google, Belkin and others that are active leaders in making energy innovations in products (for example, set-top boxes and servers), the software in these products, or gadgets outside the devices that reduce energy use.

In working with ARM, we have found not only a vocal advocate and leader for promoting energy efficiency in all types of gadgets, but a network of other companies working to achieve similar goals. ARM is always looking for ways to engage other companies in our joint initiatives to promote energy efficiency opportunities. This is the only way policy-makers will see a new wave of companies they should support through policies and additional incentives to achieve enhanced energy savings. In addition, where else can you hear a company executive start a talk at its largest sponsored trade event – ARM TechCon 2012 – with a focus on climate change and sustainability.

In 2013, we will be leading an energy efficiency conference with the state to highlight ARM and its partners, targeting new R&D and innovation opportunities for leaders in energy efficiency and ensuring California's upcoming electronic standards' process incorporates the most innovative technologies.

Tony Brunello, CEO Smart Electronics Initiative

Tony Brunello, CEO
Smart Electronics Initiative

Our Approach

Our Approach

We build CR into our commercial activity.


Making It Happen

Making It Happen

Our governance processes ensure that we manage our activities effectively, responsibly and with integrity.


Connecting & Collaborating

Connecting & Collaborating

By working with others our impact is greater.


Read Our Reports

Read Our Reports

Find out more about our activities and achievements.



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