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Governance at ARM

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Our corporate governance structure and processes ensure effective management and allow input from all levels of the business. Our accountability to stakeholders is supported by this transparency.

Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee manages CR issues and reports to the Executive Committee. It meets quarterly, and is chaired by the Director of Sustainable Development. Other members include the Chief Operating Officer, VP Public Affairs, the Company Secretary, and the VP Finance.

Team ARM

Team ARM is our global employee-led fundraising and teambuilding network. Every employee in every office has the opportunity to take part in events that help build their teams and make a contribution to society.

Corporate Responsibility Team

The CR team exists to support CR and Sustainability across the business and to explore opportunities with external partners.

Energy Use & Climate Change Committee

The EUCCC manages carbon reduction commitments. It meets quarterly and is chaired by the Global Property Director. Other members include the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer and VP Operations.

Project Diamond

Project Diamond is the channel for Local Green Teams and EUCCC to communicate.

Local Green Teams

Local Green Teams provide a forum for employees around the world to help drive their environmental agenda.


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