Meet Richard: ARM Cores Implementation Student Intern

RichardDegree: MEng Computer Engineering

University: University of Manchester

I first decided to apply to ARM with the aim of gaining technical experience with cutting edge tools at a well renowned company. Further to this I felt it would be a good place to get a feel of working life which differs significantly from University.


I decided to return to ARM for a second placement based on my experiences. What appealed to me was the freedom to make my own decisions and organise my time in a way that suits me. It is also important to me that the work I do here will be useful for the company and its employees. I find the culture at ARM to be very friendly with a working environment that is relaxed yet productive.


I first spent 10 weeks at ARM, during the summer of 2008, after my second year at University. I worked in the Cores Implementation division. I was tasked with benchmarking implementations of processor cores, varying the cell libraries used and comparing the resulting PPA (Power, Performance and Area). I returned the following summer to work for 12 weeks in the Processor Design division. This time I am writing a program to visually aid the debugging of processor cores.


Each student has a technical lead to discuss project goals, support your work and check progress at regular meetings. You have a line manager for issues such as holiday, work related procedure and training. In addition to this each student is assigned a ‘buddy’ who is intended to help with anything not directly work related. This combination means that there is a range of people to turn to so your voice will always be heard.


Every student receives an overview of the company structure and technology at the start of their placement. This means that any gaps in your knowledge will quickly be filled so there is no need to be nervous about knowing all the details before you start.


There are many activities available at ARM and I enjoy the weekly badminton session. I also make use of the on-site gym every morning and the personal training available. During my time here the students have always made an effort to meet up at lunch times and after work for trips to the cinema, the pub and nights out in town.



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